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Computer Backups.

How many times have you promised yourself to start backing up your data? You've heard horror stories about people losing years worth of work because of a failed hard drive. You read news about more and more computers being stolen. You know about the dangers of viruses and other malware that can completely erase your valuable data. Still you don't backup your computer on a regular basis.

Why? Simple, it's just too much trouble. The software is expensive and difficult to use. Your nerdy friend tried to backup his computer, but he could never figure it out. And honestly, who has the time?

Guess what, you're right; backing up is way overrated. All it can do is save just a few days (or months) of insanity trying to restore your data should it get wiped out by a virus or a hardware problem. After all, if backing up was that important, everybody would be doing it. Right? No, really. Right?

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Updated on August 26, 2012.